Official Photographer

International Pageants, Inc.

2024 marks a significant milestone as Goodwin Photography proudly steps into the limelight as the official event photographer for the International Pageants, Inc . With over 25 years of capturing unforgettable moments, we bring our wealth of experience and passion to the world of Pageant Event Photography.

Innovative Technology, Seamless Service: Why Choose Goodwin Photography?

With the assistance of our cutting-edge facial recognition software, we guarantee swift and efficient photo delivery to contestants. Instant access to high-quality images, ensuring that every participant receives their moments promptly.

Your Journey, Your Images:
Let’s Make Every Moment Count!

🚀 Expect an Initial Delivery within 48 Hours

The excitement is real! Anticipate the first wave of your pageant photos within the first 48 hours after the grand start of the pageant.

NOTE: Waiting to book event photos until after the pageant starts may result in delays in receiving your photos, as we have limited availability and commitments during the event.

🌌 Complete Album Delivery within 30 Days

Patience is a virtue. All photos capturing every glittering moment will be delivered within 30 days of the pageant’s conclusion.

📷 How Many Images Will I Receive?

The number of images you receive is as unique as your pageant weekend journey on and off stage. While a specific number isn’t guaranteed (but most contestants receive 50-150 photos), we aim to capture every significant moment, ensuring a comprehensive representation of your pageant experience.

🎉 All Sales Are Final

As with all event photography, I’d like you to know that all sales are final. We strive to provide you with the best memories; your satisfaction is our top priority.

🖨️ Can I Print My Images?

Your images come with a personal print release, allowing you to print them at the lab of your choice. Share the magic on social media and with friends and family – your photos are yours to keep and cherish.

🚫 No CDs or USBs, All-Digital Delivery

Embrace the digital age! Unfortunately, CDs and USBs are not available. Instead, your images will be delivered digitally for easy access and sharing.

Order Event Photos Today!

Facial Recognition Photo Delivery

Using proprietary technologies that combine facial & object recognition, GPS, and real-time cloud delivery with the convenience of a text-based interface, Waldo enables photos to flow from the photographer to the photographed, as seamlessly as they should.

The facial recognition provides secure technology that matches user-submitted selfies to photos in our albums.

Additional directions to follow on how to retrieve your images directly from your phone. You will also receive text alerts or app notifications every time a new photo is found of an enrolled user.

Expect an initial delivery within 48 hours and all photos within 30 days of the pageant.

  1. Step 1: Contestants purchase their event photos through our form.

Step 2: After they’ve completed the form they will receive and email with a quote. On this quote, they will select their optionals if desired, press next, sign the contract, press next and complete the payment.

*Note: Quotes will be adjusted based on the pageant date if payment is not received before the deadline.

Step 3: After your payment is complete contestants will receive a text message to the cell phone number provide with directions. (This could take 24-48 hours once the pageant competitions have begun. Please be patient.) Follow the directions in the text message and reply to the text with a selfie of the contestant.

Follow the directions in the text message and reply to the text with a selfie of the contestant. Tips for taking selfies:

  1. Lighting is everything. Turn your face toward a window with natural light.
  2. Smile Like You Mean It. Natural smiles are always better.
  3. Don’t Edit. No filters needed.
  4. Be Mindful of Your Background. Solid is always better.

When will they be ready?

Expect an initial delivery within 48 hours after the start of the pageant and all photos within 30 days of the pageant.

How many images will I receive?

The number of images you receive depends on how you maximize your stage time. A specific number of images is not guaranteed. As with all event photography, all sales are final.

Do you sell individual photos or can I preview photos?

We do not provide previews or sell individual photos due to past contestants taking screenshots of their preview photos. We are sorry for the inconvenience but this is the best way to protect or work. We hope our displayed work of the pageant and previous pageants speaks for itself and offers an insight to what your photos would look like.

Can I print my images?

Images come with a personal print release and are yours to keep and print at the lab of your choice and use on social media and share with friends and family. CD’S and USB’s are NOT available. All images are delivered digitally.

I am having issues with my Waldo App – Can you help?

Once the pageant begins, If you are having any of the below issues please contact Waldo Support Directly at When contacting support please provide them the Pageant Name, Contestants Name, and Phone Number you submitted.

Possible issues:

  1. Haven’t received an initial text asking for a selfie
  2. Sent a selfie but haven’t received directions
  3. Receiving someone else’s photos
  4. No photos in your gallery
  5. Not seeing an optional groups photos folder (IF YOU PAID FOR IT)

Ready to Be a #goodwingirl

Goodwin Photography is based in the Tri-Cities area. We also travel if you’d prefer us to come to you!

Click the buttons above to visit our online scheduling portals with Goodwin Photography. We will follow up with an email confirming your date/time along with your contract and invoice. Currently, appointments can only be booked 90 days in advance. If you need to schedule further out please send a general inquiry .