Upcoming Pageants

Goodwin Photography is excited to be the Official Photographer for these upcoming Pageants!

Royalty Miss USA
2024 Pageant

January 26 – 28, 2024
Morganton, NC

Miss North Florida

Feb 17 – 18, 2024
Marianna, FL

New York & New Jersey International

March 8 – 9, 2024
Plainsboro Township, NJ

Mrs Tennessee America

April 25 – 27, 2024
Sevierville, TN

Miss Virginia USA and Miss Teen Virginia USA Pageant

June 21 – 23, 2024
Arlington, VA

US American Miss

July 7 – 14, 2024
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

International Pageants
Mrs, Miss, Teen, Pre Teen

July 26 – 27, July 31, and Aug 1 – 2, 2024
Kingsport, TN

Ultimate International Miss Pageant

Aug 7 – 11, 2024
Virginia Beach, VA

Goodwin Photography is excited to be the Official Photographer for your upcoming Pageant. Please remember there will be NO photography or flash photography allowed during the mandatory and non-mandatory portions of the competition. It includes but is not limited to smartphones, video cameras, and DSLR cameras.

Pricing Includes Mandatory Competitions. Pricing does NOT include photos from optional (aka non-mandatory) portions of competition which are $52/each and a $12 Online Processing Fee. All unpaid quotes & invoices will be adjusted after early bird registration expires during business hours.

After completing your pageants form and payment, please scroll down to read more about our facial recognition software for more information and FAQs.

Facial Recognition Photo Delivery

Using proprietary technologies that combine facial & object recognition, GPS, and real-time cloud delivery with the convenience of a text-based interface, Waldo enables photos to flow from the photographer to the photographed, as seamlessly as they should.

The facial recognition provides secure technology that matches user-submitted selfies to photos in our albums.

Additional directions to follow on how to retrieve your images directly from your phone. You will also receive text alerts or app notifications every time a new photo is found of an enrolled user.

Expect an initial delivery within 48 hours and all photos within 30 days of the pageant.

  1. Step 1: Contestants purchase their event photos through our form.

Step 2: After they’ve completed the form they will receive and email with a quote. On this quote, they will select their optionals if desired, press next, sign the contract, press next and complete the payment.

*Note: Quotes will be adjusted based on the pageant date if payment is not received before the deadline.

Step 3: After your payment is complete contestants will receive a text message to the cell phone number provide with directions. (This could take 24-48 hours once the pageant competitions have begun. Please be patient.) Follow the directions in the text message and reply to the text with a selfie of the contestant.

Follow the directions in the text message and reply to the text with a selfie of the contestant. Tips for taking selfies:

  1. Lighting is everything. Turn your face toward a window with natural light.
  2. Smile Like You Mean It. Natural smiles are always better.
  3. Don’t Edit. No filters needed.
  4. Be Mindful of Your Background. Solid is always better.

When will they be ready?

Expect an initial delivery within 48 hours after the start of the pageant and all photos within 30 days of the pageant.

How many images will I receive?

The number of images you receive depends on how you maximize your stage time. A specific number of images is not guaranteed. As with all event photography, all sales are final.

Do you sell individual photos or can I preview photos?

We do not provide previews or sell individual photos due to past contestants taking screenshots of their preview photos. We are sorry for the inconvenience but this is the best way to protect or work. We hope our displayed work of the pageant and previous pageants speaks for itself and offers an insight to what your photos would look like.

Can I print my images?

Images come with a personal print release and are yours to keep and print at the lab of your choice and use on social media and share with friends and family. CD’S and USB’s are NOT available. All images are delivered digitally.

I am having issues with my Waldo App – Can you help?

Once the pageant begins, If you are having any of the below issues please contact Waldo Support Directly at support@waldophotos.com. When contacting support please provide them the Pageant Name, Contestants Name, and Phone Number you submitted.

Possible issues:

  1. Haven’t received an initial text asking for a selfie
  2. Sent a selfie but haven’t received directions
  3. Receiving someone else’s photos
  4. No photos in your gallery
  5. Not seeing an optional groups photos folder (IF YOU PAID FOR IT)

About us

We promise to represent your business professionally, as an extension of your business during the event.

Pageants require a lot of planning, preparation, and all-around work. With so many moving parts, it’s understandable that one often overlooked detail is acquiring a photographer to capture images of the event as it unfolds. But the benefits of having this collection of photographs make it one of the more important factors of the entire event.

Our goal is always to make contestants and guests feel at ease while capturing candid and posed shots. We will set expectations and follow through on those promises throughout this process.

Why hire a professional event photographer?

These days, virtually everyone has a camera available all the time on their smartphones. That can be handy in a pinch, but it’s a poor solution if you want good results.

FOCUS. We have only one task — get great photos. We are not there to socialize or otherwise take part in the event.

RESULTS. Our years of experience and high quality equipment give us the tools to provide better results.

TIMING. As a professional we know how to time the perfect moments so no one is blinking, making weird faces or look unflattering.

KNOWLEDGE. With over 25+ years in the pageant industry we have experience when it comes to the interworking of a pageant event.

CREATIVITY. Framing the photo and having a creative eye allows for us to capture interesting and engaging moments.

QUALITY. High-quality images will make your press release and advertising efforts more appealing to potential contestants and sponsors.

Our Services

Digital Gallery

Our team is comprised of over 25 years of experience shooting events!

Facial Recognition

With the assistance of our facial recognition software, we can quickly get photos to your contestants.


We can capture the essence of you pageant throughout the evening from Fitness to Gown to Crowning.


Capture each contestant’s personal style for the interview. This mini shoot for each contestant is one they will love.

Special Events

Does your pageant have more events than just stage competition? Let us capture those special moments from orientation to formal dinners.

Branding Session

While everyone is still glowing from their crowning moment, follow up with professional crown & group shots of your newly crowned queens.

Clients & Partners

We have worked with some of the Top Pageants in the industry.

We have had the pleasure to work with several amazing pageant programs over the years:

America’s Ideal Miss (IDEAL)

America’s Ideal Miss (IDEAL) Arkansas

America’s Ideal Miss (IDEAL) Tennessee

America’s Majestic Miss (AMM) Southeast Region

America’s National Teenager Scholarship Organization (ANTSO)

Americas Elegant Miss

Cosmos International Pageants

Cosmos International Pageants North Carolina

Cosmos International Pageants South Carolina

International Junior Miss (IJM)

Miss Collegiate USA

Miss District of Columbia Teen USA

Miss District of Columbia USA

Miss Florida Teen USA

Miss Florida USA

Miss Teen America

Miss Tennessee America

Miss United States National Pageants

Miss Virginia America

Miss Virginia Teen USA

Miss Virginia USA

Ultimate International Miss (UIM)

Ultimate International Miss (UIM) Tennessee

As a state director throughout the years for prestigious organizations such as Miss United States, Miss Cosmos USA, and High School America creating a top-notch production and an experience our contestants will never forget is of the utmost importance to me. Goodwin Photography does an exceptional job at not only capturing fantastic onstage photos and behind the scenes moments but providing directors with quality photos to use in branding efforts throughout the year. Not to mention her photo uploading system provides contestants their images in record time making their experience next level!

Summer Saylor, Director of UIM TN

Comin Soon

Pageant Director faqs

You have questions. wE have answers.

A beautifully executed event will give current and future contestants and sponsors a great impression of your pageant and could be the very thing that inspires them to join in on the excitement. And with that much at stake, we know you will want your event photography to be as amazing as the pageant itself. 

We promise to represent your business in a professional manner, as we are an extension of your business during that event. Our goal is to always make contestants and guest feel at ease while capturing candid and posed shots alike. Thought this process we will set expectations and follow through on those promises.

What you receive as a Director:
  1. A crown shot branding session of your newly crowned Queens
  2. Access to all contestant purchased event images to be used for your pageants branding and marketing efforts.
  3. Access to all crowning & award images to be used for your pageants branding and marketing efforts.

Minimal Requirements from Directors:

Communication and enforcement of NO photography or flash photography allowed during the mandatory and non-mandatory portions of the competition. The includes, but is not limited to smart phones, video cameras, and DSLR cameras.

For your event, we require a minimum of 30 Contestants to photograph your event with one shooter. Any event with over 50 contestants will have a second shooter. If your event has less than 30 contestants please speak to us directly for other options. 

Should your event last more than 6 hours and be over 2 hours away from our home base one hotel room must be covered. This would include any additional fees, taxes, parking, etc. 

For pageants more than 8 hours away from our home base a flight and transportation to host hotel for 1-2 people.

Recognition as “Official Pageant Photographer” in all marketing and advertising efforts by the pageant include, but are not limited to, Website Sponsor Page, Social Media, Emails, Event Booth and Stage Announcement.

If you decide to invest in professional photography, here are some ways you can get the most out of your investment:
  1. Let the photographer know How you plan on using the photographs, this will help us compose the image w/ your intentions in mind
  2. Introduce the photographer to the venue or event planner
  3. Provide them with a detailed schedule for the event(s)Note the times/places of the key occurrences that are important to you
  4. Indicate specific key individuals or items to be photographed — sometimes, it’s obvious (the speaker! the honored guest!), other times, less obvious (a major donor, a board chairperson, etc.)
  5. Designated areas allowed/not allowed
  6. Provide a shot list if applicable
  7. Lighting is essential make sure you stage is well lit with professional lighting. If not, it could affect the quality of your photos 

We offer a 3-tiered pricing structure for your contestants:

We offer a 3-tiered pricing structure for your contestants:

  1. Contestant Orders Placed Approximately 2 Months Before Orientation 
  2. Contestant Orders Placed Approximately 1 Month Before Orientation
  3. Contestant Orders Placed After Orientation

Pricing Includes: Instant Waldo Facial Recognition* for Mandatory Competitions, Registration, & Orientation. Pricing does NOT include photos from Non-Mandatory Portions of Competition which are $50/each. There is also a $12 Online Processing Fee. All unpaid quotes & invoices will be adjusted on the dates listed above. Galleries will be available for purchase up to 6-months post pageant.

*minimum number of contestants required for this feature.